The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile highlights participants in the Papa Russi Memorial who also give their time to serve Activ8's All-Stars Ministry. We are grateful for the incredible support these individuals give to our programs and the impact they are making in the lives of our friends with disabilities! If you would like to go the extra mile please visit and sign up to join us at a future event!

Rick and his wife Cynthia have not only supported our ministry financially as one of the Night to Shine's top sponsors, but also volunteered as buddies at the event which serves individuals with special needs. Rick has played in the Papa Russi since its inception and we are thankful for his support and friendship.

Michael has volunteered in several capacities with Activ8 and our All-Stars programs. He has served as onsite medical and security for all Night to Shine events along with our monthly All-Stars Clubs. Michael is a fireman and paramedic and has invited a group of our kids to tour the firehouse and learn leadership skills. He has not only participated in the Papa Russi Memorial each year but assists with setup and pre-event activities.

Phil has been an enormous asset to the Activ8 team. He has volunteered as a buddy at our Night to Shine and our All-Stars Club. He also serves on the Papa Russi planning committee as well as assists in leading the Activ8 men's golf league. Phil was the Papa Russi Award winner in 2016 and continue to selflessly give in many ways. Phil has played in the Papa Russi each year since its inception.

Pat and Jack McDonnell have been the greatest single supporters of Activ8 and our All-Stars Programs sponsoring several of our events throughout the year. Pat has served with us at the Night to Shine by adorning each guest with a corsage or boutonniere. Her brother Stevie happens to have Down syndrome who has enjoyed many of our events and is one of our favorite guests!

John has served Activ8's All-Stars Ministry the past three years as the head of security for the Night to Shine prom. He has assembled an incredible team of over 10 individuals who have kept our event safe for 350+ attendees. John has also connected Activ8 to Gameday youth baseball who has supplied numerous volunteers for our events over the years. John has played in the Papa Russi Memorial since 2015.

TJ has served as a volunteer buddy at our monthly All-Stars Club. You can see him in the picture just to the right as they wait in line for their chance at karaoke. TJ has participated in the Papa Russi Memorial since 2015 and his team won the tournament in 2016.
John and Pam have been an essential part of the Papa Russi Memorial planning team. They have contributed in numerous ways which has allowed us to raise the funding necessary to host our Night to Shine prom and monthly All-Stars Club. John and Pam have played in the Papa Russi since its inception.

This father/son duo are regular volunteers at our monthly All-Stars Club serving as buddies for our friends with special needs. Jack was a long time friend of Papa Russi and continues to honor his legacy by giving back to worthy causes.

Shane is a long-time supporter of Activ8 and our All-Stars programs as a volunteer and sponsor. Shane has been an annual volunteer at the Night to Shine prom and a regular at our monthly All-Stars Club. He is a favorite of our two All-Star twins, Mike & Mark (pictured here).

Thomas is the head pastor of West Bowles Community Church where our monthly All-Stars Club is hosted. He not only blesses our ministry with a venue to host our program, but also comes out often to spend time with our All-Stars and encourage our volunteers. Thomas was the emcee at our annual Feed My Starving Children MobilePack in June of 2017.

Gary has not only played in the Papa Russi since its inception, but has also served as Santa Claus during the Christmas season for our outreach events. You would have seen Gary and his wife, Mrs. Clause, at our annual All-Stars Christmas and Christmas event for the kids living in Mount Saint Vincent Home.

Joel is a regular participant in our sports programs hosted through Activ8 Sports and has also served as a buddy volunteer at our All-Stars Club. You can see him here with his buddy, Tommy, enjoying some BBQ at our 1-year anniversary celebration.

Jason has participated in the Papa Russi since its inception and has volunteered with his family at both of our Feed My Starving Children MobilePack events which has sent over 250,000 meals to hungry kids in Haiti and various countries in Africa.

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